Perfect Black Dress

It's the fashion staple that never goes out of style. The timeless little black dress dates back to the 1920's, we've seen different cuts but always the classic colour.

Academic and mother, Danijela Kambascovich has removed the little and created the Perfect Black Dress a line for real women with real bodies.

With women coming in all shapes and sizes, Danijela says Australian sizing standards aren't true to the female form. "The industry in Australia adds 5 centimetres around each point of measure for each size. So around the breast around the waist and around hips each size up is 5 cm. we dont put on 5 cm around the boobs when we put on weight excuse me it would be lovely if we did but we dont"

So Danijela has mixed up her measurements creating a new sizing system called TrueSize.

Perfect Black Dress is inspired by classic cuts and updated for today's busy women.

For these leading ladies the best accessory is your confidence.

For Sue Bascombe, versatility is key. "They're smart enough to wear in the office, from the office through to dinner to business meetings and yet they're incredibly comfortable."

"Because I am so tall and thin I like something that's below the knee, and shows the line of my body and I also enjoy something that got a high neck." UWA Honours student Charlotte Guest has found the Perfect Black Dress, literally and it's even called "The Charlotte"

"It just so happens that this dress combines all my favourite features"

Danijela's 27 designs are trans-seasonal and respect the changes in a woman's life. From birth to breastfeeding, weight gain and loss. "You can change the length of the sleeves, you can add lace I work with a fabulous embroiderer who can do it on a one sleeve if you like."

As trends come and go, one thing for sure, we'll always go back to black.

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