Pay to pay

Reporter: Georgia Main

Kade Lengyel is one unhappy customer, on the charge against unfair surcharges for paying with a credit card.

"I'm off to the movies now and because I booked online I have to pay an extra $1 per ticket. It's crazy. My $20 lunch, just for paying with my credit card, I was just slugged an extra 5% surcharge. And if I want to pay my phone bill by credit card, guess what -- another 1%" Kade said.

Small change but it adds up and Kade's tolerance really gets tested when he jumps in a cab or books a flight online. "If you pay by credit card they give a 10-11% surcharge on top of your fare", he said.

Choice CEO Alan Kirkland says Kade's not the only one fed up. "Consumers say they're still paying and they're not being offered a surcharge free payment method, so some of our biggest companies are simply ignoring these rules", Alan said.

Airlines one of the biggest culprits with surcharge fees up to 17%. Choice estimates last year Qantas alone raked in more than $200 million in surcharge fees.

"Surprisingly in the first few days, I got over 10,000 signatures and now almost 43,000", said businessman Klaus Bartosch.

He says that response should sound a warning to companies slugging customers excessive fees. "You don't even know these things are coming at you until you're about to press the submit button to pay online with your credit card", he said.

The level of anger prompted the Federal Government to start its own inquiry and it too is being swamped.

"Unless we deal with it, Government deals with it and we as consumers stand up and say enough is enough we need action, this is going to continue", Klaus said.

There's a long list of businesses ignoring new Reserve Bank rules limiting credit card surcharges.

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