Pay Rise Tips

John Symond from Aussie Home Loans is one of Australia's best-known bosses - and he's about to spill his tips and tricks.

"There's no such thing as an automatic pay rise."

Susan Davidson's one of his many employees and she's about to give it a red hot shot.

Kate Southam is a career commentator who's spent years watching the workforce. "I think it doesn't hurt to put together a really business-savvy pay rise pitch each year."

And you should be doing it right now - Joe Hockey's not the only one in budget mode - most employers are also reviewing costs for next financial year.

"At the moment we're finding that - companies still want to hold the line on salaries - so that doesn't mean they won't give pay rises - but they will be modest - and they need to be justified.

Kate says to start with benchmarking - identify the going rate for people in similar positions and argue so your pay's in-line; if you've brought in extra revenue or identified significant savings you're in a good position to bargain for a bit of that back; and after a raft of redundancies in recent years, has YOUR workload actually increased?

"Also - maybe you never managed anyone before - and now you've got one staff - another reason for a pay rise."

Back at Aussie. Susan's going her hardest, "I've certainly been working long hours." But Symonds wants more, "Because people can't expect an automatic pay increase when the company pays what we believe to be reasonably generous salaries. You've got to clearly show how you've helped the business grow - not by saying 'I'm a hard worker and the business is doing okay - because - if you do that - you're falling into the trap of confusing effort with results."

Even if you tick all the boxes, tough times mean it's not always possible to get a rise. But don't leave empty-handed - try for other things like a car space, a better desk or even a new computer.

Kate says "Now, never threaten - saying 'I will leave if you don't give me a pay rise' rarely works - and really just makes them dislike you."

John says "They're going to be asking that question: 'Do I need you next year?'"

Kate says "If you get a rude 'No' or a 'No way' - don't reveal your hand but quietly start to look for another job - this is not the place for you."