Party Plan Mums

They're fly in fly out - but it's got nothing to do with mining.

Party plan's been around for decades - with Tupperware one of the first - now dozens of companies use the method to sell direct to consumers.

Mum of four Natalie Silano started selling Envy jewellery eighteen months ago by selling products and recruiting consultants, she's built up a tidy little business.

Then there's Jeannette Crawford - who's been to twenty countries - courtesy of Enjo. A grandmother, Jeannette is Australia's most successful Enjopreneur she's even named in Enjo's International Hall of Fame and while not everyone will be a high roller, according to Jeannette, even a few demos a week can earn you a full time wage.

"I think it's very important that you go into any business venture - be it party plan or any other small business - with your eyes open." Small Business Commissioner David Eaton says successful party planners don't do well by accident. "I would assume these women have worked very hard, put in a very good business plan and understand their target market and they're doing it very well." David says potential party planners need to understand the business... and assess whether that model is the right fit for them. "First of all I think you ask yourself - are you cut out for this? Is this your personality? Can you be self-driven?"

While these successful mums agree it's not a get rich quick scheme, they do believe if you put in the work, you will be rewarded.

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