Parole Murder

He's a busy, bright and engaging grade prep child, yet 5 year old Aron does what no little boy should have to. "No-one else loves mummy like me I love her so much" Denise and John Siermans are Aron's grandparents, now raising Aron full time ever since their 29 year old daughter Sharon, Aron's mum, was viciously murdered in April last year by parolee Jason John Dinsely.

Jason Dinsley had over 100 prior convictions and when he met Sharon through a dating website, he'd served 7 years of a 9 year sentence. Embarrassed to be seen with the 30 year old, a trusting Sharon made the fatal mistake of taking Dinsley to her home four months later he broke into her house and bashed the young mum to death little Aron cowering in a wardrobe. Now Aron is terrified of the dark and plagued by nightmares he dreams about scary orange eyed monsters his grandparents, a counsellor and his favourite toy helping him cope. The Siermans say justice has been served with Jason Dinsely sentenced to life in prison, his guilty plea earning him a minimum term of 32 years.

The Siermansare warning women who use dating sites to be especially careful, "never tell them where you live, there needs to be some regulation that says you put your name up should be police checked or whatever."If you'd like to help Denise and John provide a brighter future for Aron, donations can be made through Donate Planet

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