OZ Tests

Reporter: David Richardson

20 random questions...taken from a pool of 200... a 45 minute deadline... a book with all the questions and answers... and with 15 correct answers...the Holy Grail...Australian citizenship...

questions like these.

"Try that one. number 3. what is the official symbol that identifies Australian property? the coat of arms? correct." Said Voxie

The test was introduced by the Howard government... but thousands and thousands of potential citizens failed...up to one in 20... so the test was changed in 2009.... Now the chief justice of the NSW supreme court...Tom Bathurst...has re-ignited the test debate... questioning some of the questions...and their relevance.

The Chief executive of the migration council of Australia.... Carla Wilshire...claims some of the questions in the past have been ridiculous...

Like Donald Bradman's batting average...

"Justice Bathurst makes an incredibly important point and that is that it is not pop culture that defines what is a citizen of this country and what would make a good citizen but the fundamental of our country. The kind of questions that our citizenship test should ask and the kind of questions that's the revised citizenship test asks are about rights and responsibilities, they're about the nature of Government, they're about the obligations in terms of being a citizen, obligations such as voting, obligations such as adherence to rule of law." Said Carla

"If they can demonstrate that they have a general understanding of the history of the nation that they're asking to become a citizen of and show that they're at least interested, I think that's the important thing." Said Jim Haynes

Few people know more about Australia's heritage and history than Jim Haynes... the entertainer...author and poet...wants potential citizens to show they know something about our country.

"If you were going to join any club or group you'd want to know what you were joining. that's the important thing." Said Jim

"Simply do your research?" Asked Reporter

"Absolutely." Said Jim

We took some sample questions out to see if they are still too hard...

"Who maintains peace and order in Australia? oh you're kidding me. everyone? all of them" Said Voxie

Do you know what is a referendum? take a look at those three answers./ it's a vote to change the Australian constitution." Said Voxie

And if you're wondering who performs worst on the tests.... Our New Zealand neighbours...and the British...

"So how Australian are you? are you an aussie through and through, and if you can't do all these things are you an alien. maybe we should start with how we feel inside the heart. Because there are 22-million ways to be an Australian." Said Jim

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