Oz Sale

Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's the Christmas clearance that puts any Boxing Day Sale to shame, "at least 70% 80% 90 and sometimes even up to 95% of the recommended retail price." Ozsale is Australia's number one shopping club with 9.5 million members, selling an item every 2 seconds.

"We process over 20,000 orders per day and we dispatch more than 500,000 items per week." WA State Manager Derek Harrison says Christmas has come early for shoppers WA. "Most of the excess stock that Ozsale has to go somewhere and it comes right here into our Fremantle warehouse" Here on Queen Victoria Street in Freo sits this thousand square foot secret superstore. "As we buy in bulk and it is excess inventory we are able to purchase is at very good prices and therefore we can pass all the savings to our customers or to our members."

This weekend, no membership required. To shop here, all you need is a lot of time to rummage through the racks. Designer dresses, shirts, shoes, cosmetics and accessories at a price you won't believe. "Our usual prices in our warehouse are 3 items for $50, but for this weekend for today tonight viewers we would like to reduce those prices even further." Ignore the signs and price tags. From tomorrow it's all $10 or under. From toys to toiletries, bikinis and business shirts.

WA Marketing Manager Fiona Gardiner took me for a wander through the warehouse pulling out designer label garments that are almost free. "We have everything from Escada to Tigerlily, Chloe, Timberland everything $10" And if that wasn't cheap enough for some lucky shoppers over the weekend, Christmas comes early. Derek says "one person everyday will win their shopping for free so no matter what they spend they will get it back in cash at the end of the day. Because there is so much stock in there it takes a bit of time so those who persevere and stay a bit longer will walk out with many bargains." So if you're strapped for cash and need some Christmas bargains on a budget, this warehouse wonderland awaits.

The sale starts tomorrow from 10am

Ozsale Details

Address: 47 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle

Opening Hours

Saturday 21st December: 10-5pm

Sunday 22nd December: 12-5pm

Monday 23rd December: 12-5pm

Ozsale warehouse is also opened the following weekend Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th December

Accepts cash and card (except for AMEX)

Note: there are no change rooms or returns

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