Oven Cleaner

Reporter: Graeme Butler

It's the job we all love to ignore and if you haven't cleaned your oven for a while you're not alone. The good news is according to Dr Chemical, it's really not that hard. This is a master class in grime removal. "There's quite a variety of oven cleaners on the market how do they work and what's the basic difference between them? they work because the oil molecules are very fragile chemically and what happens is the alkaline cleaner actually cuts the molecule in half that's where we get the word grease cutting from 5.23 actually cuts the molecule in half so any alkaline cleaner will work the more alkaline the better"

Dr Chemicals choice is BAM because it uses caustic. "It's a natural way to remove grease and oils from ovens people though are a bit reluctant because they've got quite strong fumes sometimes but modern products handle that quite well and there's only a minimal amount of fumes involved and the fumes aren't toxic" This oven hasn't been cleaned for about a year and a half. Dr Chemical sprays it with the oven cleaner and waits for the Chemicals to work their magic with the grease and grime inside.

"Little known fact about this product for the same reason it cleans the oven it's an excellent hard surface cleaner, oh okay so you're going to put that onto the bench, won't it eat it away? no it won't it's just the right concentration that it won't if you think about it most dirt or grime on bench tops is fat off your hands or fat from food general grime is generally fatty, if this attacks fat it's going to clean the bench tops very well"

After ten minutes the caustic should have done its work and it's time to get stuck into the cleaning.

"There's some baked on stuff in there. - right now we can kick that process along a bit with some washing soda alright that adds some alkalinity also some scouring action just sprinkle it on do you yep" Depending on how dirty the oven is you might even need to go back for a third attack as cleaners will only penetrate so far into baked on grime.

"Mark the racks still need a clean how are you going to clean those - washing soda right ok so it acts a scourer and a cleaner at the same time. So we get our pack of washing soda tip some into a breakfast bowl bit of running water and away we go" Not surprisingly just like the oven - the racks have baked on grime and it's hard to move. "Now that's not shifting terribly well it's obviously baked on yeah it's been there a while I'd say we need a bit of extra scouring assistance with the steel wool. It is coming off it's getting there yes sometimes you need to add elbow grease to the washing soda and the steel wool, it's coming up quite a treat it is this stuff has been there for years I'd say" Within half an hour using the right products and a bit of elbow grease the job you love to hate is done.

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