Orphan Kids Follow

Reporter: Jacqui Quist

Sarah Haliem was today overwhelmed at the kindness and generosity of our viewers.

So many of you called and emailed offering to help the 21 year old who is all alone, struggling to care for her four siblings

"I've had people who have said they want to fix things in the house, do the mowing, change the light bulbs", Sarah said.

Last night Uni student Sarah explained how her Egyptian born parents both succumbed to terminal illnesses, leaving their five children orphaned -- the youngest, Yusuf just 8 years old.

With Sarah battling to run a household and be both mum and dad to her siblings, her greatest wish is to have one of her mother's two sisters move to Australia to help. Partly due to political unrest in Cairo, both have had visas applications denied. "My auntie did see the story and just moved her to tears. It just makes her even more eager to come here with us because now she can see how bad the situation is", Sarah said.

While Sarah grapples with grief, the burden of responsibility and immigration issues, she's drawn strength from concerned viewers. "I'd like to say a really big thank you to the whole of Australia, it has really given me the strength that I didn't know was in me", Sarah said.


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