Open Shed

Reporter: Cassie Silver

As the saying goes why buy when you're only going to use it once? It's called Open Shed, instead of buying you borrow. CEO Lisa Fox says it was initially a space saver. "It's for people who don't have a lot of storage and can go and get it from people that have a whole shed full of stuff that they hardly ever use those people can feel good about helping someone else" And it's a little more than lending a cup of sugar to your neighbour, lawn mowers, camping equipment even books- just list it and loan it. Father of three, Chris Spencer says it brings the community together, "that whole old traditional thing that you just loan stuff to friends over the fence and it seems to be bringing that back to me which is good"

For Chris, it's those big ticket items that people are chasing, "Things like lawn mowers leaf blowers, alot of people these days don't really have them and they are essential items for many people so" Even costumes are popular, "if someone wanted to be yoda at a party rather than spring 80 bucks they can have that for a weekend I just think those sorts of things it will just be useful" Sellers negotiate a rental price and set a bond, Lisa says it's not only a space saver. And it's a way to fundraise without any effort. Chris says "for someone like myself if I had a tent that i wanted to rent for $50 bucks for a week i can actually choose a percentage of that whether it be a hundred or 20% of my rental fee will go directly to that organisation which is fantastic. Jump online and have a crack and look at stuff and think I might be able to offer something and someone else might be able to offer me something"

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