Old Toys

Reporter: Cassie Silver

They kept us company throughout our childhood. We held, tossed, cuddled and treasured them. Now time to celebrate them.

"The traditional toys really have stood the test of time and are much loved by children today." Executive Director of Heritage Perth, Richard Offen says together with the Museum of Childhood they're opening Perth's oldest toy box.

From boats to Barbie's, trains and tea sets, over a hundred WA companions. Curator, Stephen Anstey says it's the journey they've been on that makes them treasures.

Played with by the Riley children, the sons and daughters of the first Anglican archbishop of Perth. Their toy collection of over 150 toys sure kept them busy in the early 1900's. Stephen says not only were handmade toys cheaper; they actually stood the test of time.

But unfortunately these toys playing days are over. Stephen says "we handle them with cotton gloves to keep the acid from our hands off those toys; they're stored in 24 hour air conditioned facility roughly around 20 degrees."

Whether they're companions of those past, present or passed down there's stories beyond the toy box.

The Exhibition runs for a week from Saturday, at the Perth Town Hall.

For more details: http://heritageperth.com.au/the-toys-are-coming-out-to-play/