No Menu Restaurants

Reporter: Graeme Butler

In the ever-changing Perth Restaurant scene - there's something new on the menu - no menu. Shaun Hack from Chefz Table in East Perth has introduced the concept he first experienced in Europe to run alongside the normal a-la-carte. The idea is you decided the types of foods or ingredients you'd like and let the restaurant know ahead of time, and then it's up to the chefs. "If you want to come in we advise that you book a week in advance and then you let us know what your dislikes are what your preferences are if there's any dietary requirements stuff like that and we can tailor a menu."

So who better to put it to the test than the west's food writer Rob Broadfield. "We've given the boys a bit of a challenge today we're surrounded by great produce here we've given the a challenge for pumpkin, kipfler potatoes which are actually a hard potato to cook properly, hazelnuts and lots of other stuff for them to really enjoy themselves with too. Graeme the great thing about local produce is of course it's fresh and we're supporting local fishermen as well, these are from Rottnest Island, you don't often see Rottnest Island prawns, they're the big beauties they're fat aren't they very green lovely colour. The other local produce of course which we're famous for is our gold band snapper or snapper generally but this is gold band snapper great fillets beautiful dense flesh and lest hope the boys do something good with it."

With the challenge set - it's up to the creativity of the kitchen to weave it's magic. Rob what are hoping to see? I reckon a good pasta dish would be good some of those ingredients are made for pasta i think. THE fish do it simply perhaps with some sort of mint salsa with it to use the mint. the potatoes the Kipfler potatoes could be roasted they toast up beautifully sitting underneath the particular piece of fish perhaps and for the prawns as well I don't know maybe just grilled quickly bit of chilli, bit of garlic interesting to see what they do" Looks are one thing but according to Rob this dishes also passes the taste test.

At the other end of the scale - another Perth eatery with no menu has been serving up meals for a decade in one of the best locations the city has to offer. Arun Natarajan runs Annalakshmi - an Indian restaurant where not only is there no menu - there are no prices. "This restaurant runs with the unique concept of eat as you like and pay what your heart feels."The dishes change daily and you're free to eat as much as you like, "the homeless people come and eat and they don't pay anything from that to students will pay say $5 each and somebody who can afford to pay $10 they do pay $10 and a good earning member pays $20 - $20 on average" The day we visited an eggplant curry, spiced potato, Indian soup, rice and Dahl were all on offer - "it's traditional Indian vegetarian food it's cooked as it's cooked in the house like a home cooked meal a meal cooked by mothers and grandmothers" Whether it's the upmarket degustation to order of chefz Table or the down to earth, pay what you like Annalakshmi or something in between.. If you love food there's never been a better time to be in Perth.

More Details

Chefz Table is at Fairlanes Building

Unit 1b, 181 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth

9221 7417

Open Wednesday to Friday for Lunch and Dinner

Saturday and Sunday for All Day Breakfast and Dinner 


Annalakshmi is at Jetty 4, Barrack Square Perth