Mum to Millions

Reporter: Damian Hansen

This is a story of two suzannes.. one a humble bank teller..

The other a mortgage free millionaire..

"I don't have to work just for the sake of working anymore just to pay the bills." Said Suzanne

So how did she do it?

"Suzanne you must pinch yourself everytime you wake up Oh I do, I do..waiting for someone to tell me it is all a dream, all a dream.

DH: You need to check out...time to check out." Said Suzanne and Reporter

Its not hard to see why Suzanne and her daughter karlee have every reason to smile..

"So Damien, this is my master bedroom, fantastic I now have an ensuite, walk in robe, it is absolutely huge I don't have to shuffle along the end of my bed anymore between the cupboard.

DH: And you have a room with a view." Said Suzanne and Damo

The duo's biggest decision is what to do with the old family home..this modest.. Townhouse on queensland's sunshine coast..

Now they're the owners of this luxury retreat.. courtesy of boystown lotteries.

Santai is an Indonesian word, translated it means relax but this place means so much more for Karlee and Suzanne it has given them the freedom to do whatever they want and to enjoy a lifestyle they'd only ever dreamed of.

"We've already planned a trip to Fiji we've been to Melbourne and Sydney.." Said Mum

You see Suzanne didn't just win a fully furnished house.. she won a $20,000 flight centre voucher.. along with another quarter of a million dollars in gold bullion.

"My bucket list is actually going to be a reality now..I can go to places I always wanted to go now." Said Suzanne

"Suzanne and Karlee yes they were absolutely beside themselves when I rang them, you know a wonderful prize and wonderful people for Boystown to present that opportunity to them." Said Keither Coventry

Seventy percent of the services the boystown charity provide are funded by the organisation's art union draws.

Keith Coventry is general manager of fundraising.

"Everyone has the opportunity to become an overnight millionaire if you purchase a ticket in the boystown art union.." Said Keith Coventry

Boystown creates 10 millionaires each year just like suzanne but for every suzanne there are thousands of disadvantaged and marginalised Australians that benefit from the charities services.

This is their latest offering.. and with a one in 375,000 chance of winning.. your odds are better than lotto.

"I own this the bank doesn't own one single cent of it anymore

Damo: Dreams do come true?

They definitely do..most definitely." Said Suzanne and Reporter

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