Mouth Painter

Lassa Hariskavitch is now a quadriplegic, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. "I'm a bit of an adrenalin junkie and I loved horse riding, I loved show jumping I loved eventing, I even liked belly dancing because that was fantastic. I really wasn't interested in living when I was first in hospital it was such a shock to me to not being able to move at all from being so energetic" but there is a life after show jumping and belly dancing with Lassa putting her brush where her mouth is and the result is extraordinary.

Husband Peter has always been her biggest fan but even he was taken aback by her resolve, "it didn't quite surprise me when she went into painting but what surprised me was the quality that's coming out now and her enthusiasm for it" and Lassa can thank these two, Dean Gaston and Kate Viner who were working at the Hampstead rehabilitation centre when she was admitted. At the moment Lassa's carer Ann has to load the brushes up with paint but it's hoped that's only short term.

"We've got something in the works from technical aid for the disabled south Australia they're helping us to make a custom easel for Lassa which she'll be able to use entirely by herself" Meanwhile she has an exhibition of her paintings hanging on the wall at Hampstead but when all is said and done, she'd rather be at home. "When Peter took me home things were much better, I love being at home, and peter grows flowers for me so I can look at them during the day"


Mouth painting association.

Hampstead rehabilitation centre

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