Mobile Medicine

Reporter: Helen Wellings

A device that instantly monitors and corrects your posture and movement...

And a potentially life-saving asthma risk-detector that records symptoms, measures wheezing rates and automatically sends out alerts if needed.

"We've never had anything like this before." Said Dr John

And fuel-cell technology that claims to be the world's most intelligent self-breathalyser.

We test its accuracy....results coming up.

Mobile medical applications are being developed so fast, it's estimated {Key graphic} within 2 years 500 million smartphone users worldwide will be using them. Like having a doctor, nurse or physio in your pocket, the apps help you self-manage your medical conditions .. and transmit vital information to health care professionals .. for recommended treatment.

"It gives you instantaneous feedback to maintain a correct position. So it teaches the muscles to turn on in a particular pattern to give you correct positioning for posture." Said Physio Justin Wray

Justin Wray, Physiotherapist to the Swans, says most of the time we're not aware of bad posture, incorrect exercise and the damage it can do. He uses this smartphone paired medical device called Lumoback to track and assess his patient's posture and movements around the clock.

"When we look at the green man you can see on your first couple of squats that you are keeping nice and tall and on that third squat when you went down you tilted your pelvis a little bit control this action a bit more to allow the green man to stay more upright." Said Justin

Physiotherapist Melinda Klarenaar says, individually calibrated to the patients pelvis, the device vibrates or buzzes when we're using our muscles incorrectly.

"Now if you slouch, see how the little man is unhappy. You get in a good position and that gives us a nice happy man." Said Melinda

It also records how long we spend in different active and sedentary positions.

"You can see 91% of the time you are in great posture which means you are not loading up your spine too much. 14 mins where you have actually slouched." Said Justin Wray

"Everyone worries about asthma, 400 people still die of it every year." Said Dr John D'Arcy

AirSonea is an acoustic respiratory monitoring app which measures the severity and prevalence of your wheeze. Dr John D'arcy says you can take it anywhere, even to the shops.

"The benefit to me as a GP is to know that my patient is actually controlling his or her asthma." Said Dr John

Olympic gold Medallist, Cathy Freeman developed asthma in her teens. Now along with her puffer, she controls it with this new technology, for which she's an ambassador.

"I've started using the AirSonea which has been fantastic, I feel so much more confident." Said Cathy Freeman

AirSonea investor, Ben Richards, has an asthmatic son, 5 year old Lachlan and says "At pre-school the device can transmit data to a cloud to calculate his risk and provide an action plan. That information can be transmitted to his parents and even his doctor's iphone."

"Then you are able to dispense the medication as required, so that is normally Ventolin in our case, and that allows us to be able to predict and pre-empt the onset before it has actually occurred." Said Ben Richards

"So it allows an individual to take control of their asthma." Said Dr John D'arcy

"This is breakthrough in technology in the personal breathaliser market. You can blow into the device evenly and for about five seconds and then at the end of it, it will calculate your reading and give you a BAC concentration at the end of it." Said Will Knox

Most personal breathalysers dangerously inaccurate. Choice's last tests in 2009 proved 7 out of 9 UNDERestimated blood alcohol levels, indicating it was fine for the user to drive, when in fact they were over the legal driving limit. They scored only 50% to 85% for accuracy. This new one, called BackTrack, is reliable says Will Knox of distributors, UHealth.

"It utilises fuel cell technology which none of those products demonstrated in the 2009 study and the fuel cell technology is a technology utilised by law enforcement agencies around the world and here in Australia." Said Will Knox

Our laboratory tests on BackTrack show it does live up to the claims ... 96% accuracy, so from 11% to 46% more accurate than previously tested breathalysers.

"Don't ultimately and absolutely rely on this device, it is a guide but it is a very accurate guide." Said Will Knox


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