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They're some of the W.A faces that have helped shape My Kitchen Rules ... every day Perth people who were thrust into the spotlight during previous seasons of the show... there were plenty of highs and lows. But bombshells quite like this one. "Well our head is a little bit elsewhere ah we found out recently that we're expecting a child and the end of one journey that's been great but the beginning of another that's going to be even better congratulations guys."

Harry is the little bundle of joy that arrived as a surprise ingredient during Josh and Andy's appearance in last year's season of MKR - "I think life has definitely changed for us we have got Harry now and he's the best thing that's ever happened to us." It's been a game changer for the pair - but they say MKR actually helped them prepare. Josh has started a job with a new law firm and Andy is juggling motherhood and a bit of cooking. "I'm collaborating with a local cafe on King Street called Uncle Joe's so we've got a few exciting food things happening in there. It gives me the opportunity to actually cook from home and still look after Harry which is really good."

Scientists Andrew and Emma hit the screen in series 3, "we've been really busy since the show finished we've been doing stuff for telethon, lots of cooking demonstrations we have a website now an online shop we've been really flat out." The couple still work in science related jobs but are now sharing their kitchen experimentations through a website called Culinary Science, they're supplying the clever little chemicals you need to be like Heston at home you might remember these tricky little balls from the show. "So how do you do that is that powder or little kits you get two powders one powder you add to the juice or whatever you want to make it with then you usually freeze it cos it makes it easier to make the ball and then the second one you just add to some water. Everything in food is science pretty much it intersects you can't separate the two for example if you want to make really good egg whites there's certain things your grandma would have told you to do and it's actually science behind why that's the best way to do it 2.44 so you should use a glass container not a metal or a plastic container preferable cos it can react." Andrew and Emma say they loved their time on the show mostly for the friends they made with other contestants.

"Since the show has finished our lives have changed a lot, we bought our a cookbook which sold out gone to reprint, get the cookbook Ta da" Daniella and Stefania need little introduction in Perth the pair billed as MKR's hot mamma's in season 2011 have been running hot ever since. "Lots of cooking appearances we do cooking demonstrations we have our own classes that we run as well, charities we're ambassadors for alzhiemers association." As well as writing their cookbook making appearances and being mums, Stefania has also managed to recently tie the knot.

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Andrew and Emma's products are available at their website

Daniella and Stephania's cook book is Called Soporito