MKR Cookbook

Reporter: Graeme Butler

The Italian Mamas who turned series two of My Kitchen Rules on its head with their colourful cooking banter are back. Daniela and Stefania didn't win the series but they've won the race to be the first contestants to release their own cook book on the back of the hit cooking show. The book is Called Saporito; fans of the show might remember it was also the name of the cousins' instant restaurant.

As you'd expect from the pair - their cookbook is home cooking Italian style - the same sort of dishes that made them household names on MKR. It's meant hours of cooking and testing recipes.

Daniela and Stefania have also released pasta making equipment they say will help any home cook make pasta simply without a pasta machine. "The old Nonna's in the kitchen who were making homemade Pasta with their hands with utensils because there were no machines, there was no Kitchen aid so they had to adapt. We don't want to lose that tradition. We want our children or children's children to continue to make pasta"

From the rolling board - into boiling water and served with a simple tomato sauce, a sprinkle of cheese and you've got a magic meal in minutes - this is a sure fire way to impress your family or friends.

The cook book is Daniela and Stefania on a plate, a little bit of each of them in every recipe.

Further Details

Saporito by Daniela and Stefania is being launched on Thursday night at UWA. ( University of W.A ) - for ticket details call 6 4888770

The book is available at bookstores including Dymocks and BIG W