Mindful Movement

Olympic Gymnast Olivia Vivian is used to pushing her body to the limit, but after breaking her back during intense training - the 25 year old was stopped in her tracks.

Katie Stewart is an exercise physiologist who says the mind is the most powerful tool to physical health, "part of mindful movement is breaking down habitual thought patterns and starting to replace them with positive thought processes 47 and the highly repetitive nature of it is the key to the success." Her program mindful movement uses simple gentle exercises to rewire the brain - helping will conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and weight loss.

Wheelchair basketballer and Paralympian Kathleen O'Kelly Kennedy has been trialling mindful movement, having a prosthetic leg Kathleen wanted to find a way to harness her full potential.

The movements are slow and controlled - and according to Katie - just 12 minutes of this a day is more effective than an hour in the gym, "the blood chemistry has changed and you have more positive blood chemistry that effects the brain the brain then feeds back into the body and the mood is generally sustained has more longevity."

Katie says it can help with weightloss too - by training the brain to choose healthier food, and stop when you feel full, "one client has lost 6 kilos and there has been no diet no high intensity exercise just pure focus on mindset." and while the sceptics will question how simple movements can alter your mind set, according to Katie, the program is backed up with scientific proof "How you can manipulate your brain and change your brain and rewire your brain just how much control we have over our mindset."