Megabyte Mums

They're the Perth mum's who've jumped head first into the digital world of smart phone apps to ease the pressure of daily demands. Creator Wendy Currie based the idea on old fashioned flash cards a modern tool to teach kids about health.

Using ABC's to help kids stay calm when they go to the doctor, instead of playing games on ipads and smart phones this gives kids something to do that's constructive.

Child Psychologist Rebecca Campbell says kids aren't familiar with doctors and hospitals and they're often influenced by what they see on TV, "the flash cards help to, normalise the experience of the you know medical world for children."

Jade Bickley Tyler uses the app to make all her daughters medical appointments, "I can't believe how many people are still relying on calling around and finding out who's available."

Jade makes a doctor or dentist appointment in thirty seconds, at any time of the day or night, using this smart phone app called Health Engine. Simple and free, she says its valuable information at her fingertips.

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