Mega Bingo

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

It's seen it's fair share of superstars and fans busting to get through the gates but I bet you can't guess what's the hottest ticket in town, right now? Nope, it's not a rock concert think numbers think markers. Bingo, you've got it!

"The first game we played was late 2009 and since then we have had over 20 000 people play bingo and win a hell of a lot of money $100 000's along the way" Telethon's General Manager Steve Mummery, and his team are behind the record breaking game. "I think people love knowing the money is coming back to Telethon, but so much money is actually won on the day" If you've been to a concert here at the Dome before, then they'll know its an absolutely massive area, which is why it's home to the biggest bingo game in the country this floor will be chocka block with up to 6000 players and they'll all have eyes down, and one word on their lips.

Organising Australia's biggest bingo is a military operation. "Moving 4 or 5 thousand people in and out of the Dome and making sure they all have a seat and are all happy is no easy exercise" and make no mistake players take it very seriously. At the last Telethon Mega Bingo winners walked away with more than $90 000 in prize money. When someone yells bingo the race is on to find them. Steve says "we have to make sure it's done by the book, bingo can only be played for a period of 3 hours, so they have to be from the moment you start calling the first number to the last number can only be 3 hours" and given the Dome at Crown Perth won't be there for too much longer it's your last chance to play Mega Bingo, in this mega building. "Well you wont see the likes of Bon Jovi, but you will see some of your favourite Channel 7 personalities and 6PR personalities there on the day to rub shoulders with, even Fat Cat comes out to play on the day."

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