Massage School

Reporter: Cassie Silver

It's the new hands on approach in the classroom, "the vision of it really is that all children in all schools all over the world will experience positive touch every day."

Learning respect and empathy doesn't come from workbook or white board, just a pair of palms.

Anne Elston travels Australia teaching classrooms the global Massage in Schools Program- a way for kids to relax, recoup and re-energize, "children are actually are having to do something for somebody else in a very active way doesn't cost anything, it doesn't take very much time and they can do a really good job."

Anne says our kids can get agitated, aggressive and hyperactive throughout the day and they need time to settle back into their seats.

In over 30 countries around the world, pupils all over the planet are learning the biggest lessons in life; Anne says "it's based on respect so the child that's going to give the massage must ask for permission."

Here at Noranda Primary, Sue Traber's year 3/4 class are mini masseurs, "as soon as they start that program it's a little bit like magic it just becomes tranquil in the class room, it becomes very peaceful and quiet and the children go into a sense of peace."

The 15 minute session have different strokes with names the kids can relate to from the hairdresser to the baker.

UK Studies show an improvement in children's wellbeing including increased levels of self-esteem, a reduction in aggressive behaviour and bullying and greater creativity and problem solving.

And research shows children with ADHD find out firsthand what calm feels like. Anne says "no touch policy" in schools to control bullying, is sending out the wrong message.

With overcrowding curriculums and after class commitments dominating our little ones lives, these guys are getting a firm grasp on what really matters.

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