Marathon Couple

Reporter: Tineka Everaardt

Ditching the caravan and racing into retirement, they are not your typical grey nomads. Janette, 64 and Alan, 68 have run almost 15,000 kilometres in less than a year -- that's almost half way around the world.

And they've sure seen some sights along the way; they've marvelled at rainforests and sweated it out in the Darwin desert. "For people who are our age it's not over yet, it's just beginning", Janette said.

It seems an impossible feat, but every single day -- rain, hail or shine -- the Murray's run a marathon. "If anything we have an excess of energy", Janette said.

The grandparents are making the rest of us look bad but it's all for a good cause -- the pair is raising money for four charities while spreading an important message. "You don't have to age, you can become younger as you get older", Janette said.

So what's the secret? It's not pills or protein powder that powers the couple -- they rely on a raw food diet, including bananas -- 20 a day each. "The food we eat is fresh, ripe, organic, raw food - fruit and vegetables, some nuts and seeds", Alan said.

And running 6 hours a day, they need to eat a lot. That's where the blender comes in handy.

The retirees also recommend: "A lot of meditation, yoga and obviously the exercise and being positive instead of negative", Janette said.

And they say it's worked wonders for their relationship. Alan and Janette are about to celebrate 45 years together - maybe couples who run together stay together.

But it hasn't always been a smooth ride. The grandmother of five is also a cancer survivor. "I was basically given six months to live", Janette said.

That was 11 years ago. Janette is now in remission and clearly running rings around the rest of us.

Their massive journey will wrap up on the first of January next year. The couple will set a new world record for the most consecutive marathons which is a big reason to celebrate. "I think we'll be having a nice, big, fresh juice -- every day we have a big, fresh juice", Janette said.

If even the thought of doing exercise makes you tired, remember this couple's mantra -- anything is possible.

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