"Irritability grumpiness loss of libido, loss of energy, loss of motivation." They're symptoms a lot of men can probably relate to in varying degrees but according to Dr Joe Kosterich together they could point to a simple underlying problem testosterone deficiency.

"It is the consistency of symptoms we're all going to have bad days we're going to have days where we don't want to get out of bed, when we're a bit grumpy when we're snappy with people it that becomes days turns into weeks turns into months, then that I suppose is when an issue arises." The condition is sometimes misleadingly referred to as Manopause.

"Manopause or what is sometimes called male menopause doesn't actually exist in the way that is implied by that title women go through a process called menopause all women go through that but men don't have a similar occurrence in their lives that occurs to every man."

Linda Byart from the Wellmen centre has been campaigning for greater understanding of the condition affecting men. "Low testosterone will produce these symptoms but it's what's causing the low testosterone that is of prime interest 4.39 and if we can find that out and if we can fix that and get the man up an firing again under his own steam rather than having to be on supplementation or medication for the rest of his life then that's a better solution."

John Matthews was first treated for Testosterone deficiency 17 years ago when he experienced symptoms that left him flat, "I was put on testosterone and everything started to get rosy after that." These days John is a regular at the Gym and has a renewed vigour for life.

"It's a very simple solution to a problem that's pretty big for most men and they don't realise how easy it is to fix it." Paul Magiatis is 47 - he's also received testosterone replacement and is now back to his former self, "my confidence is back, I do a lot more sport now we go and do a lot of events ride bikes a couple of times a week we run a couple of times a week I run three business"

"It doesn't happen to all men I think that's the important thing, all women will go through menopause not all men if fact its' a relatively small number will go through Andropause." Dr Kosterich consults at the Wellmen Centre, he says it's important to discover the cause of the deficiency, which could be injury or lifestyle related. "It's not fair to call it a disease in inverted commas but if the body's not producing enough there are a number of ways of improving that. It's not one size fits all, there's not silver bullet for many men the problem has taken years to develop and you've got to retrace that but it's always in the context of overall health you can't just fix up your testosterone if you're over weight, you're not sleeping you've got problems at home you don't like your job." The number of men recording low testosterone levels is relatively small - believed to be as few as 5%. But for those who have suffered unaware of the cause.. The diagnosis and treatment is life changing.

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