Lisa's story

Her whole life Lisa dreamed of being slim. Determined to turn her life around, Lisa embarked on a health regime, changing her diet and exercising. Through sheer hard work she lost more than half her body weight, a massive sixty seven kilos but Lisa can't bear to look at her new body. For months, she's hidden her new figure under layers of clothing, too embarrassed to show anyone what lies beneath. Lisa is covered in loose skin that no longer fits her size and she's been told, it's unlikely to get any better.

The only option is plastic surgery to remove the excess skin, but that will cost a massive thirty thousand dollars, money Lisa doesn't have. To make matters worse, the procedure is considered cosmetic, so Medicare and most private health insurances won't cover the bill.

"When patients put on a lot of weight then they lose it, the natural collagen in the skin, is stretched and perhaps permanently damaged." Plastic Surgeon Doctor Patrick Briggs says removing excess skin is time consuming and costly. "These are big surgeries, patients are often on the table for 6, 7, 8 10 hours, sometimes, they're often in hospital for 3, 4, 5 days." And according to Dr Briggs, the problem is becoming more common. "We weren't seeing these 10 years ago and it's really come about because of the development of bariatric surgery which is weight loss surgery." Dr Briggs believes it's high time the government addressed the issue for patients like Lisa, and made skin reduction procedures available through Medicare.

As for Lisa, she has no choice but to raise the funds herself and she's hoping strangers will help her do it, by crowd funding. "It's just basically a donation page where people empathise or want to donate or you know just try and help." To show herself in public is painful, but Lisa feels she's left with no other options. She only hopes one day she won't have to hide the body she worked so hard to get.

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