Lisa's Perth

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

It's been a long time coming; now Perth's favourite daughter is finally heading home.

A household name. A multiple gold Logie winner. A star ... of the screen and stage.

She's South Pacific's leading lady but it was right here that a star was born.

Back in her hometown and a rare chance for Lisa McCune to take a trip down memory lane.

This afternoon, she's on a private city walking tour, with tour operator Ryan Mossny.

From Perth's forgotten spaces, to one of the cities biggest projects.

To Lisa, it's a very different looking city, to the place she grew up in the seventies.

Perth- 1979 the year we celebrated our 150th anniversary. Lisa was aged 8.

Lisa's family lived in Rockingham back then it felt more like a coastal country town.

But it was in the northern suburbs, that she first learnt her craft -the civic centre in Wanneroo with the Wanneroo Repertory and as a teenager she once performed in Perth's most famous theatre "as a 13 year old i was on the stage with this tiny part in the pirates of Penzance"

The same year, the biggest pop star in the world came to town Michael Jackson.

A decade later Lisa would be a star on Telethon herself. Lisa McCune is 25, and a TV favourite who plays the part of Maggie Doyle on Blue Heelers a role she landed soon after graduating from the WA Academy of Performing Arts. "It opened so many doors for me when I went to the Eastern States because people would say, oh you're a WAAPA graduate" For Lisa having a star factory in your own backyard was a dream come true a launch pad that saw her go onto major roles in TV drama's miniseries musicals.

Now, a Mum of three juggling a career with kids is a military mission. "I don't think my life is any different to most mums i think essentially it's pretty much the same, I don't have extra help I just try to be organised."

Especially when you're bringing a show, like South Pacific all the way to WA. Now after 23 years, Lisa McCune's fans will finally see her on stage right here, at home and she promises it will be worth the wait. "I just hope everyone gives me the loudest clap because I'm from here"

South Pacific opens at the Crown Theatre on November 10

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