Lice hospital

Hospitalised by headlice "I never thought lice could cause a rash all over your body and rash on your face swollen glands it was unbelievable!"

But it was true 21 year old Hayley Mayo's skull was literally under attack from super nits. "The infection started at the bottom of my skull it then spread to the both sides, top of my head."

It seemed nothing could stop the relentless blood suckers from feasting on her scalp. "I was just having medication after medication after medication."

Hayley's mum Michelle had dealt with headlice before but not like this. "We tried every product you could buy over the counter from chemist to supermarket, everybody was advising what to try so i would try them because we just couldn't get to the bottom of it."

As the arsenal of chemicals grew so did Hayley's infestation. To a point where Hayley couldn't sleep she had to soak her scalp in the bath showering had become too painful.

The lice eventually buried into her scalp Hayley's head became infected with golden staph her face swollen, almost unrecognisable doctors were shocked. She was placed on a drip and injected with cortisone..before being released from hospital.

"They are progressively becoming more resistant so some of the products are arguably reaching the stage where they are not much, not very effective at all." It's an unusual case but one that doesn't surprise australia's leading authority on head lice Professor Rick Speare.

A breed of super lice unfazed by traditional supermarket treatments. Although there is hope of attacking nits on a new front. "There are a new set of products which have come out which are silicon based oils,they are called dimethicones or simethicones and they appear to be the most effective treatment for headlice."

Parents should ask for treatments that contain a silicone oil which physically smothers the lice. "It runs up the hair and gets in to the breathing apparatus of the lice and actually kills it and kills eggs..its got a lot of promise." Hayley is now finally free of nits and wants her story to be a warning to others.