Kickstart Week 1

Reporter: John Darcy

They're our three cheeky checkout chicks: Rhonda, Sharon and Tina are on our Kick Start campaign.

I haven't seen this tricky trio since they kicked off on Kick Start - and I'm keen to hear how they're coping.

Yep - it's time for our Week One weigh-in.

First up - Rhonda - who's a little anxious.

"Oh, because I'm just hoping to lose something." Said Dr John with Rhonda

Fingers crossed - and here we go.

Oops - we'll try again - now remember Rhonda's start-weight was sixty-six-point-two kilos.

Oh dear - those damn scales - and look at that sad face. Third time lucky.

A great result - and worth the wait - Rhonda's dropped more than two kilos in the first week - and she's slashed four centimetres off her waist. Well done!

Next up - Sharon.

"I'm apprehensive because I've put in so much effort." Said Dr John and Sharon

And the rewards are rich - Sharon's dropped more than three kilos in one week. As for the waist - last week - a-hundred-and-five centimetres - this week - ninety-eight.

Another terrific result. Now - what's Tina hoping for?

That's the spirit! She's shaved three centimetres off her waist and dropped almost three-and-a-half kilos after just one week.

It's been a great effort - with great results - and we want to keep them coming! So, now for something a little better in a box.

Yep - time to introduce our Kick Start action plan to keep the kilos coming off - forty-five minutes of exercise a day.

Light dumb bells and resistance bands build lean muscle and burn more fat. Next - take a hike.

And up the ante with some stairs.

"My chest is pumping. POUNDING AWAY. Yeah, I'm out of breath. YOU'RE OUT OF BREATH, OH WELL. And that's because of the smoking, I know it." Said Dr John and Rhonda

Last week we busted Rhonda smoking out the back of the store.

So - what's she up to behind the girls toilets?

Old habits die hard - but I'm determined to help her quit.

"I had a very short one because I actually feel guilty about those steps." Said Dr John and Rhonda

Now your forty-five minutes a day can include incidental exercise - like vacuuming, mopping and raking.

So it doesn't matter what sort of exercise you do, as long as you do it regularly and to a puff - I'll be back next week to unveil phase two of the kick start diet - and if you're following on at home don't forget - snap off a selfie - write down your weight and your waist measurement - I'd like to see some of your photos in just a little while. 

Three volunteers, Rhonda, Sharon and Tina, have been on Dr John D'Arcy and dietician Geraldine Georgeou's updated Kick Start diet for over a week now.

Their weight were originally 66.2kg, 86kg, 86kg, respectively.

After following the Kick Start recipes for a week, they've all shed centimetres around the waist and dropped a couple of kilograms.

Week one weigh-in:

Rhonda: 64.1kg - loss of 2.1kg

Sharon: 83kg - loss of 3kg

Tina: 82.5kg - loss of 3.5kg

Dr John D'Arcy says it's important to keep going at this stage of the diet plan, in addition to starting the Kick Start exercise plan.

The three volunteers will start doing 45 minutes of exercise a day.

Kick Start exercise plan:

1. 45 minutes a day

2. Light dumbbells and resistance bands to build lean muscle and burn more fat

3. Take a hike, and up the ante with some stairs

4. It can also include incidental exercise such as vacuuming, mopping and raking

5. It doesn't matter what sort of exercise you do, as long as you do it regularly and work up a sweat.

It's not too late to start your Kick Start diet. To download the Kick Start phase one eating plan including recipes

Download the Kick Start Action Plan