Kickstart Final

Reporter: John Darcy

At Kick Start - it's crunch time. There are targets to be met. And prizes on the line.

Tina had a start weight of more than eighty-six kilos - her target was seventy-six. Tonight - she's there! In six weeks, she's dropped almost eleven kilos - one of our best results ever!

Sharon's up next. Now, she started at more than eighty-six kilos too. But her target was seventy-nine. And she's just across the line.

More than seven kilos on Kick Start!

"Houston, we have lift-off!" Said Sharon

Now - Rhonda. She kicked off at more than sixty-six kilos - her target was fifty-nine.

"So I've reached it?" Said Rhonda

Well, almost - she's fifty-nine-point-two. Seven kilos in six weeks - that'll do me. Congratulations all round!

Now, we're not the only ones impressed by these cheeky checkout chicks and their good health goals - Woolies thinks they've set the bar for ALL its staff and is offering up some Woolworths rewards! A thirty minute supermarket sweep - for all the healthy homewares and groceries they can grab.

"RHONDA - HOW MUCH? Seven-hundred-and-eighty-two-and-sizty-eight. TINA. Quick - so long - one-thousand-two-hundred-and-sixty-five-dollars-and-sixty-one-cents. SHARON? Oh my God - one-thousand-three-hundred-and-one-dollars-and-sixty-three cents. SHOP 'TIL YA DROP!" Said Reporter and Ladies

"My projection was - I need to do something about it now and keep it off because - I don't want to be - obese - in my seventies." Said Sharon

"The first two weeks are hard - but once you see that weight come off - it's like 'let's go for it' - 'I'm going for it'." Said Rhonda

"I'd like to keep going - I don't feel like I'm there yet - so I'd like to keep going." Said Tina

"After losing that much weight you don't want to put it on again - it's too hard to lose." Said Sharon

"Will power - that's what I found I have now - will power." Said Rhonda

"I've lost weight - which I didn't think I was going to do." Said Tina

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