Kerbside Collections

When you look at a kerbside collection, it's amazing just how much we throw away. But like the old adage - One Man's trash is another's treasure - what you might see as junk, a growing number of people see as a virtual gold mine of opportunity.

Sandie is one of a growing number of Perth people joining a movement of recycling - picking up discarded goods from kerbside collections and re-using or sharing them via the Facebook page Perth Kerbside Collections.

Lea has used kerbside collections to transform her front yard from a dry empty space into a quirky vegetable garden

Lea also finds new uses for old things - these lanterns just needed a coat of paint and they look good as new. Among the kerbside treasure trove Lea's picked up an antique mantle piece, even fully framed art.

"I've got a piece of art inside that another kerber picked up hated it put it on the site and I just went I love it so I've gone picked it up bought it home and I've read the information on the back of it was an art student's piece from the 1990's and a price tag of $1000 on it fully framed."

Chris has furnished a lot of his house with recycled goods, the TV just needed a new part and now it works perfectly--the old play station still keeps his son entertained, the cabinet, the lamp, the list goes on.

Facebook page: Perth Kerbside Collections