Karma Kids

Reporter: Mark Gibson

Today, the guests filing into Government House are some little people, with big hearts. They're Ambassadors from the Love Angel Foundation, kids who help kids. The McCusker family, including 4 year old Mary, know an awful lot about giving.

Aged eight to thirteen, the children are from twelve schools, from Perth to Geraldton. Apart from helping less fortunate children at home, they've raised money for orphans in Bali and Afghanistan.

After sharing stories with the McCusker family, the Love Angels were given a very special treat. A private tour of the 150 year old Government House. It's where the Queen stayed less than two years ago.

Malcolm McCusker is one of Australia's leading philanthropists, donating his entire Governor's salary to charity.

Another tireless charity worker, Ros Worthington, started the Love Angel Foundation. "Our children are our best teachers and so children teaching other children to me is the most simple and the most pure way that we can do it."

The Love Angels' next mission is a "Pay It Forward" day in schools. Ros says "Practicing random acts of kindness, if every school in Australia could do that imagine how our children would just go ahead in leaps and bounds with paying it forward with kindness."

With kids like these, maybe the future is in good hands. "If they learned those random acts of kindness when they're small then they will just carry on for the rest of their life."

Love Angel Foundation