Josh Bond

Young, fit and happy 21 year old Josh Bond had the world at his feet.

A talented state basketballer with dreams of making the big time. "He always had the attitude if I don't improve somebody is going to beat me he always wanted to take the next step"

Proving persistence pays off he was offered an lucrative scholarship to an American college in Iowa but in December 2012 after just four months in the U.S. extreme back pain and loss of appetite had him visiting the local hospital.

"I came to emergency just because I couldn't eat and I was like there's something wrong with me, they scanned my belly and found a tumour in my back and they said it could be a cancer or to do with the bird flu I assumed it was bird flu cause I'm 21"

But it wasn't bird flu, "Your whole world changed in that moment?" "Just said my name, Josh Bond, I'm a cancer doctor and you have cancer"

On the other side of the world mum Lisa received the horrific news she put him on the first flight home and as soon as he touched down they went straight to the royal Adelaide hospital where doctors confirmed his testicular cancer was in advanced stages. But what wasn't known, the cancer had also spread to his brain and during his second night in hospital Josh suffered a severe stroke. "My left arm went all numb my left leg went numb, I couldn't' feel it."

He had emergency surgery, "The neuro-surgery was a lifesaving procedure"

"When I woke up I couldn't talk couldn't move my left side of my body at all just laid in bed."

From the time of diagnosis he'd dropped from a healthy 89 kilos to just 58 and that was just the start.

"They said there's a possibility that he'll never walk again" Josh said "when I heard that I said I need to walk again because I want to play basketball again"

He was determined working hard with physios everyday but his cancer continued to grow, "the ones in the lungs started to grow rapidly to the point where he became short of breath he was oxygen dependent"

Oncologist Dr Hsiang Tan commenced chemotherapy. "The tumours in the brain responded well to chemotherapy but unfortunately within one month of him completing chemotherapy they had disturbances there was a new spot in the brain that had grown"

"It wasn't working?"

"No his cancer was just too aggressive"

This left only one option high dose chemo combined with stem cell transplants, a treatment used for leukaemia patients. Dr Tan says "This is a difficult treatment and it's certainly not applicable for everyone I think in Josh's case we had to give him a fighting chance"

And the results were nothing short of miraculous, "After the first transplant it actually wiped it all got rid of it all"

Josh has been in remission since December and continues to build strength everyday he's not only walking again; he's running and even jumping.

"You surprised all the doctors?"

"That was a good feeling to be able to walk back in when someone tells you, you won't be able to"

Josh hope's his next battle will be on the basketball court, "I do believe I will play again the fact that I can already shoot, just practice so I do believe I can play again"

The college graduation is on May 9, to help and donate to this cause,