Job Search

Twenty-three year old Gen George, while travelling in Europe with other back-packers hard-up for cash, hit on a brilliant idea. Data-driven technology that profile-matches employers to staff for one-off shifts, casual or and permanent work.

"No one in the industry is actually really focusing on the casual, part-time workforce. And what we're finding is that's the biggest trend in Australia at the moment. You've got high school students leaving school looking for work, you've got university students looking to help pay off their education debts. You've even got mums coming back to work after having kids, so it's very exciting for a lot of people. "

Called OneShift, it's different from other on-line employment searches job-offers can be immediate. She now has 330,000 job-seekers and 33,000 businesses on her database and the company is expanding globally. Not bad for a 23 year old.

"A business can post a job, get instant matches, profiles with photos, work history, education history and other information like access to a vehicle, smoking, tattoos, and actually pick and choose who they're looking to speak to and instantly get in contact."

"You can pretty much make a profile, and receive a job offer in 24 hours, that's definitely tailored to you." When University student, Peter Frost, returned from overseas, broke, it took him minutes to enter his details for casual work. It matched staff profiles being hunted by a recruitment agency, landing Peter a great hospitality job with flexible hours.

"With traditional methods we might post an ad and have 170 people applying. With something like OneShift we can post an ad and we have a database of thirty three thousand candidates we can pick from. "Michelle Watson of Benchmarque Recruitment Agency, specialising in hospitality and events staffing, got Peter his job. She says it's such an easy way to recruit and find work with a minimum of effort and cost. "Candidates are able to be more passive now about looking for work. So rather than having to be aggressive and go out and apply for role after role they can sit at home essentially and wait for businesses like us to use platforms like OneShift and contact them."

It's free for job-seekers to apply, but employers pay $30 to fill a job. To keep standards high, there's a ratings system and if an employer or employee is proved to be doing the wrong thing, OneShift blacklists them.