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The rising number of Australia's unemployed job seekers. This year we've seen some of the country's biggest companies announce thousands of layoffs.

Unemployment is at a 10 year high. Consumer confidence is low. The main concern for households now is job IN-security.

The good news is that there are big Australian companies hiring now and well into 2014.

"From full time jobs to part time jobs we're looking for exciting, enthusiastic people who have that youthful spirit within them." A thousand jobs are on offer at Domino's.

Another 4-thousand positions will become available over the course of the year. CEO Don Meij says the number one opportunity is the Domino's Business Bootcamp.

A day with Don and his leadership team. A role perfect for budding entrepreneurs. "It's only a day but we're going to give you as much time that we can in that day to just show how we're recreating retail."

Coles has 15-hundred jobs on offer right now. Anyone can apply, both young and old. Part-time and full-time positions are on offer. "These jobs go right across the board from stackers of our shelves, to checkout personnel, to transport and logistics, right through to senior managerial roles."

K-mart is looking to employ more than 800 staff at their stores. They expect almost 5000 more will be needed as sub-contractors to fit and refurbish
their new stores right across the country.

At Bunnings- 2 and a half thousand jobs will be rolled out as 23 new stores open. "It's a wide range of roles particularly in the new stores, everything from people working on the shop floor, behind the paying counter, store management or team leaders right throughout the business."

While retail, building and construction and tourism are putting on additional jobs this year. The industries that will be in high demand in the years to come are: health, particularly aged care, education, information technology and communications. As for manufacturing, it's not dead yet "we have a capacity to develop other areas of manufacturing. For example in the renewable energy sector, both in solar as well as wind energy. Australia has a particular advantage to advance that area."

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