Baking a cake, painting the house, raking the leaves a busy start to the day at Bold Park Community School, where kids are free to explore and encouraged to take risks.

But being a child's not always carefree. Moving to a new home or school, even just trying to "fit in" are some of the triggers of childhood stress.

Janni Goss is an expert at helping kids cope with stress. "We need to look at some early options for children to help them learn self-regulation. Why can't they naturally cope with it, is it simply a case that they're too little and haven't learnt how to do it? Well, that's probably got a lot to do with it and I think it depends on how adults help their children to deal with stress." Janni's now giving parents a helping hand, too - showing them ways to teach their children how to cope with stress - through laughter and relaxation.

The Perth physiotherapist has taken her simple relaxation program for children - and updated it to benefit the whole family.

The program's called Jellitime, it was originally created to help children with asthma feel less anxious about exercising. "I thought Jelly was the perfect thing because kids know what jelly's like. They usually like it. It's soft and wobbly and so on, and kids can relate to it and understand that when their muscles relax they go soft and floppy like jelly." Jellitime's all about teaching kids how to relax and let themselves go. It aims to make them more aware of the muscles that actively produce movement, through simple exercises they do every day.

Janni's spent the past eight years turning her classroom program into a DIY kit for teachers and parents shows them how to teach their kids to unwind. It contains a disc of relaxation music, a story book which emphasizes the benefits of playing and laughing, and cue cards to help guide parents through the activities. "One important thing in the manual is that there's a wellbeing section for the grown-ups, because I think grown-ups need to be calm and relaxed and focussed when they're with their kids."

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