Internet Cars

It's a win for consumers saving thousands on a new car; a win for dealers nabbing more sales. Buyers saved nine thousand on a new Toyota SUV, seven on a VW Golf, discounts up to 15 per cent.

Busy working mums, Sharon Melamed and Cara Mazengarb need convenience plus top value for money without having to spend weekends trawling car yards.

The entire process can be done from home through an on-line new car- buying service called Autogenie. Cara and her sons have decided on a new Kia Rio. They put in their specifications.

Then dealers make their offers.

Mazda Dealer, Nick Nedyalkov, says dealers with the Autogenie service sell more cars than just to customers calling into to the showroom. But they have to be very competitive on quotes.

"We don't know what the other dealers are offering so that is why we have to go as low as possible to get the sale."

Applying through the Autogenie site, the consumer's identity is protected until they accept a quote. Dealer's offers stay open for up to a month.

Customers pay a $49 registration fee which discourages buyers who are not genuine. And, of course, you can test drive a car before you accept an offer and it can be delivered to your door.

Shiju Thomas, General Manager of Autogenie says this technology has been available to fleet buying businesses, so why not for ordinary consumers.

"It is a little easy for us to get dealers to give us great prices mainly because they have been working with smart leasing for the last 10 years."