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Imagine being able to stay anywhere in Australia or even the world rent free.

House sitting has taken Tracey and Kim lane to Darwin, Qld, WA and even the UK.

There's no doubt the Adelaide based couple have caught the travel bug.

They started house sitting five years ago and have been on the move ever since. "in the beginning it was an adventure now we realize it's opened up a whole new world and go further afield I think that's what we'll do, American next Mexico"

Retirees Vicki and Greg Teague signed up to the online group Aussie house sitters a year ago and they've been inundated with requests.

For the keen nomads it's been a lifestyle choice while they still have their home base north of Adelaide house sitting allows them to explore other regions without having to delve into their savings.

Danielle and Neil are full time sitters they've been house hopping for over twelve years. The couple say they started house sitting to save money and living rent free has certainly helped. But it's not just the sitters who get all the perks.

Kylie Suad from Aussie house sitters says it's becoming increasingly popular for people who're looking for affordable getaways. While it seems most appealing for childless couples and retirees anyone can sign up. "as a house sitter it costs $65 for 12 months memberships and for that you're able to house sit as many times as they like anywhere in Australia" and to make sure it's a smooth transition for both parties kylie says it's all about. "Communication, communication, communication it's really important when deciding on a house sit as a sitter you have a look and make sure the area suits you"

And as a home owner, "you ask all questions up front, check references speak to them on the phone, meet the sitter in person if possible that way you can be certain you've found the right person for your home and pets"

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