Hotel Websites

They've made booking accommodation easier, quicker and with on-line reviews surer. It's estimated that around 7 out of 10 people booking stays use accommodation websites. But if you've ever wondered which sites offer the biggest range and the best deals, now you have it. A survey released today, rates the eight top hotel booking websites and gives customers verdicts. Simon Downes of consumer research company, CANSTAR Blue, says with hundreds of accommodation websites throughout the world, it's a fiercely competitive market. "The power is really in the consumers hands, they're spoilt for choice when it comes to which website to use ... if a website isn't working particularly well for them, a couple of clicks takes their business elsewhere to another website. Consumers are telling us, we're going to look through multiple websites to try and find the best deals we can."

One out of three customers in the survey said of prime importance are EASE OF NAVIGATION AND BOOKING. Top marks for that, five out of five went to Expedia, Hotel, Wotif, Agoda, Lastminute and Webjet scored four and, only three. SERVICE, helping with problems and changes - - five, Lastminute three. VALUE FOR MONEY AND OVERALL SATISFACTION - five out of five, Hotels and Webjet scores three.

More than ninety per cent of people in the survey find on-line accommodation sites easy to use and accurate. And they're making consumers more cost conscious - most say after they find a good offer online, they check directly with the hotel to see how the price compares.