Horrible Histories

It's the horrible history of Britain with the nasty bits left in; the live show--shocking audiences around the world.

Director and actor, Neal Foster says it's Monty Python Meets History. A gory and gruesome lesson that kids will never forget.

What started as a series of history books for youngsters has now turned into a global goldmine.

20 horrible years on, the slapstick sketch show is revenge for a childhood of boring classroom lessons.

Actress, Alison Fitzjohn has been performing with the Birmingham Stage Company for over a decade and says children always make the best audience.

Just two cast members take audiences through a thousand years of hair raising horrors.

And every fast paced costume change is in full view

And if the live show wasn't enough, the 3D special effects are guaranteed to thrill as historical figures hover at the audiences fingertips.

Whether it's break dancing with Queen Elizabeth or Beheadings with Henry the 8th, it's a lesson for History teachers all over the world- they need to up their game.

The show is on in Perth tonight and tomorrow night before heading to Adelaide.

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