At the turn of the century, The Wilkinson Homestead in Gosnells was one of Perth's primary citrus producers. Perfectly positioned by the Canning River providing ideal soil for fruit trees, with plenty of water.

The location was chosen by John Wilkinson, ironically one of Fremantle's top Taylor's at the time but he was lured to the land by ads like this.

John's son Valentine and wife Lucy soon took over the property.....raising three young boys.

Ninety eight year old Order of Australia recipient, Lucy Wilkinson spent her days keeping all the men in line. She also happens to be my Great, Great grandmother.

When Lucy's sons Don and Steven Wilkinson weren't getting up to mischief, they'd give their hard working dad a helping hand. "Dad would, early in the day usually go out and start picking and then, for summer time, you'd need to get the fruit graded, packed and then into boxes and ready for the truck to come. Most of it would go to the metro markets for auction, um, 32.35 in the winter, there were things like winter lemons which were not saleable in the market, they would go to, um, factories for juice production."

Now more than a hundred years later, although most of the fruit trees are gone, the Wilkinson Homestead still stands and has been transformed into a museum.

Alethea Du Boulay from the City of Gosnells says there aren't many heritage museums like it in the metro area. The museum is open to the public and is part of school education programs.

The City of Gosnells Museum - Wilkinson Homestead opening times are:

Wednesday 10am - 2pm

Sunday 2pm - 5pm (Closed Easter Sunday)

Admission Fees:

$1.50 Adults

$1.30 Concession

$1.30 Child

$4.00 Family