High rise fight

The South Perth skyline is headed for some BIG changes. And what's planned for this tree lined street on Mill Point Road has caught many by surprise.

The plan is to build this twenty-nine storey mixed commercial residential tower, four times taller than the previous height limit for the area.

Mayor Sue Doherty says they've been pushing the state government to build a train station in South Perth for years, "the government had said to us look, and you're not going to have a train station, because you don't have the mass of people there."

So, to bring in the people, three years ago, the City of South Perth amended their town planning scheme, lifting the previous twenty five metre height limit for these properties, but this time, without ANY restriction on how high they can go and let the market determine the height limit.

For the development to be approved it must meet certain criteria and has to be, what's termed "exceptional".

When a development costs more than seven million dollars, and in this case it's worth sixty million dollars, the application is handed to an independent panel to assess.

Town Planner Charles Johnson heads the Centro Metropolitan Development Assessment board, which also includes two City of South Perth Councillors. The board recently approved two other developments in South Perth, a thirty and thirty nine storey apartment. 

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