Health Premium

We all pay a premium for private health, just this year it went up by 6.2% for the average consumer. But spare a thought for the over 50's theirs went up on average by 9.8%.

"Obviously as they get into their older years things are going to go wrong, we need them to know, we need the government to tell them how much their insurance is going up every year."

But the average increase for over 50's is a figure not published by the federal government. Chairman of the fifty up club, john mangos says this is unfair, given they are the most vulnerable age group when it comes to health he's now calling for greater transparency, to encourage compeition. "The national average is 6.2% but mine went up 9.4% and i didn't even know it i mean i got the extra bill but i want the transparency so that I can shop around for one that went up less."

The national average published was 6.2% but this figure is misleading for the over 50's. If you fall into this age bracket you could have been slugged with an increase of as much as 13.7% more just in the past year.

The Fifty up club has now launched a national petition, hoping to put pressure on the govt and in turn health providers. Tom godfrey, spokeperson for choice says in the mean time research and compare your current policy.

Tom Godfrey says "there's no doubt if you are over 50 and you are seeking private health insurance tehre are real differences in how much you are going to pay for differnet premiums so don't just auto renew find a policy htat's right for you because you will save a great deal of money."

Fifty Up club