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Reporter: Paul Makin

This very enterprising mum reckons she's done it with a headlice treatment developed in her own home. When we met Melissa Barrett last year she claimed she had lice dead to rights coming up with a solution using an remedy from medievil times called "Wormwood" back then they used it for fleas and bed bugs.

We challenged Melissa to put her all natural solution "Hit nits for six to the test. So Dr Craig Williams from the school of pharmacy at the university of South Australia who has the bug for bugs put Nits for Six under the microscope "literally". "Product says yeah put this in your hair for four hours or four days or whatever and this will kill the lice we want to prove that" and Dr Williams was deadly serious "naturally as a scientist you go into these tests thinking well let's see is it going to stackup the manufacturer producer was very very confident"

First to be tested was the once off head lice lotion. Here's a reminder of how it works, "you have to make sure the child has dry hair .And you just put your hand and you rub it into their hair and it's just like conditioner and you have to make sure that you put it in double the thickness so someone who has long hair like maddie has you would use this whole bottle"

Using white paper coated with the lotion Dr Williams didn't know what to expect. But it was soon apparent this solution, is just the solution. "A lotion that's put into the hair and that sits in the hair and that's really designed to kill adult and juvenile ice in the hair without combing that worked very very well it killed lice over a couple of hours with virtually all off the lice dead" Melissa boasts it takes four hours to work, the uni test results say only two hours.

But how was the daily control headlice spray going to cut it? "hadn't seen a lot of good data around some of these other daily control sprays do i was open minded you must be open minded but i wasn't convinced"

But the Hitnitz for six spray was a "killer" "it did two things to lice, one it messes them up behaviourly" so Melissa wasn't having us on when she said her natural wormwood ingredients realy work. Which is good because these crawling critters are very smart. Take the way they attach their eggs to our scalp, "'so what they do is they make a little cement collar and they cement the egg onto the base of the hair and the collar sits around the hair like a little clamp"

"Nothing really beats regular inspection of the hair and the scalp really carefully looking behind the nape yeah maybe getting a little torch or headlamp and really checking and pull those nits out and do it regularly and over and over again. Nothing really beats that but there are some great products to help you on your way"

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