HBF Reasons

Reporter: Cassie Silver

They're Perth people with real reasons to run. For Julia and Danny Lake it's their daughter Te'a who's been the motivation to get them moving. Te'a can't walk, talk, eat or see and there is no cure. She's the only one in Australia with the condition; the family are no stranger to routine trips to the hospital. Julia says "if she gets sick like a cold or she's in here for gastro this time we have to come in here" Here is PMH the place the Lake family call their home away from home. Now they want to give something back, running 12km. The pair want to give other children the opportunities little Te'a will never get.

From running for their daughter to running for dad. 24 year old Tim Quick is raising money for the MS Society, a condition his father Russell has battled for 20 years. Tim says he has been overwhelmed by the support, "the next thing there was 35-40 team members. It's great to have that kind of support nearly enough to carry me the whole way hopefully" Russel how proud are you of Tim? "Extremely proud even if he hadn't done this I'm always proud of him of course all my children but he's proved exceptional in this regard doing this for us" The two families have one thing in common they call themselves lucky.

The Run for a Reason is this Sunday 26th of May. For more information on the HBF's fun run visit http://hbfrun.com.au/

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