HBF Hide & Sneakers

It's hide and seek, with sneakers!! Now, a real reason to run- training with a treasure hunt! HBF's Alex Weir says they've secretly planted 50 pairs of brand new trainers across Perth.

Just solve the cryptic clue and find them first. "So every day this week we will releasing a clue through the Hbf Facebook, twitter and instagram accounts and people will then have to solve the clue and if they find the location they'll be the first person to collect the shoes."

From the Sea to the City- and everywhere in between

Alex says they're tucked away in iconic hotspots - and you'll need to work up a sweat, "early in the morning on some days, in the afternoon on others so no matter what time you're working there will be a chance to pick up some shoes."

In its 6th year, this year's Run for a Reason will also include a half marathon, "We've got a great team and they've had a load of fun putting this all together and coming up with some clues that will hopefully stump a few people."

And this one has got me thinking--Popular amongst scientists and runners alike, this one will send you round the twist! Grab your crown and step up to the challenge - vertigo sufferers need not apply.

King's Park DNA Tower 15m high- and 101 steps

Solved the clue- now just got to claim it.

While it is first in best dressed, if the shoes don't fit or aren't exactly your style, you'll receive a one on one fitting- helping you put your best foot forward. With the run for a reason less than 12 weeks away- Alex says you've got nothing to lose by getting on the front foot this week

"If all else fails and you don't find yourself picking up a new pair of shoes you would have at least had yourself a good tour around Perth."

Hide and Sneaker continues until Sunday for more details visit: www.facebook.com/hbfrun