Hayden's Journey

Reporter: Natalie Bonjolo

Bullied as a school boy Hayden has been to hell and back. Hayden was just three when he was diagnosed with Asperger's, a type of autism. For Mum Gail and Hayden's whole family it was heartbreaking to see just how cruel kids can be.

By the time he turned sixteen, the bullying was so bad Hayden could hardly bare it. It was at his lowest moment Hayden found a way to escape. A fantasy world that had evolved in his mind poured out onto the pages. Writing a novel is one thing but then getting it published, another, not bad for a boy, who didn't even make it onto the grid for writing, in his year 7 Naplan test. While his reading result was well above his school, and even the State average for writing Hayden, who takes things literally fell short. "When it says to write a short story. I write a short story and of course the irony is, you could have written a very long story. And you did write a very long story" Hayden says "if the test had said write a short novel, i would have done so" and he did now, for the first time he's about to see his book name on the shelf. For bookstore owner Jim, it's nice to see a young author get a break. While his novel is a work of fiction Hayden's story is one of survival. The tale of a schoolboy who battled the bullies only to bounce back and beat them.

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