Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a side effect of a skin disease called alopecia, but a Chinese herbal pill seems to be helping sufferers get back their hair.

Willow Cossill's life changed when she lost every hair on her body in just two weeks. She had the rarest, most aggressive form of alopecia at the age of nine.

A trip to the hairdresser was an impossible dream, but not any more.

Now the 15-year-old has a head of flowing locks that are the envy of her friends, and she says the treatment she had was amazing.

"I thought I was going to be bald forever, and I wouldn't have any friends," Willow said.

"It broke my heart everyday. It was really hard because I always got bullied, but now I feel so much more confident and beautiful with my hair."

Willow's mum Maria had tried bush doctors, dermatologists and hair specialists, hoping to find a treatment that will help Willow get back her hair.

Through a chance meeting with naturopath Alfonse Papalia at a Gold Coast health food store, Willow was offered a Chinese herbal pill to try

The pill was made up of eight Chinese herbs that target the kidney and liver, and norusih the blood, which allows blood supply to flow to the hair follicles.

Willow began seeing results within weeks.

"I was so excited and I kept taking more and more of the pills, and my hair just kept growing," she said.

Dermatologist Dr Basit Mirza says there is no medical cure for alopecia, and conventional treatments get very poor results. He warns that Willow's case does not prove that it is a cure for hair loss.

"We would like to see scientific proof before you are consistently prescribing it to patients," Dr Mirza said.


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