Guillaume at Gourmet Escape

Guillaume Brahimi is an adopted Aussie and a brilliant French chef who loves using South West produce - something he'll be surrounded by at this weekend's Margaret River Gourmet Escape.

He gave us a glimpse of one of the dishes he'll be preparing for an exclusive lunch this weekend, and here's the recipe for his fresh marron salad with shallot vinaigrette.


A stick of Celery, chopped

Half a Spanish onion, chopped

Cherry tomatoes, halved

A cucumber, peeled and chopped

Cos lettuce

Fresh herbs of your choice, chopped

Two fresh marrons


Equal parts:


Red wine vinegar

Olive oil

Avocado Crème


Dash of tobasco



Blend the vinaigrette ingredients together until there are no chunks of shallots. Put in a squeeze bottle for easy use.

Blend the avocado with a dash of tobasco, and then add salt and pepper to taste.

To cook the marron: boil a pot of salted or sugared water. When it's boiling, drop the marron in and cook for around five minutes, depending on size. Cooked marron is red in colour. Put aside to cool.

Spread the avocado crème on your plating dish. Toss the celery, Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes and cucumber evenly in a small bowl and cover with the vinaigrette, then spread evenly over the crème. Cut the cooled, shelled marron in half, then toss in the vinaigrette and plate it up. Add the cos lettuce for some crunch, and your choice of chopped herbs as a garnish.

According to Guillaume, its best enjoyed with a glass of Margaret River Chardonnay.