Grand Designs Perth

Years ago the average home was your stock standard brick and tile - three by two - nowadays home-owners are daring to dream and this would have to be your dream come true.

A spectacular mansion on Cottesloe beach - and while it's out of most people's price range - you can do glam on a budget - or even completely recycled.

Perth journalist and creator of home blog "House Nerd" Maya Anderson says west Aussies are obsessed with homes. "Our homes are a sanctuary these days - lives getting busier we want to relax - we want our house to be beautiful and feel comfortable."

As owner of building design studio, Ettica, Carla Karsakis wanted her home to be "different" to everyone else's. "So Carla this does not look like a house that is just over a year old does it? No we wanted this warehouse look this rustic recycled feel."

So, instead of decking the 3 by 2 with all the mod cons - Carla rifled through second hand treasures to put together this . Even the kitchen sink - thrown on the scrap heap after an old City restaurant closed down.

The pantry door - a rustic gem - retrieved from Carla's old shed. Everywhere you look - little reminders of years gone by. There are no big power guzzling heaters of air conditioners here - the solar passive design means Carla doesn't need them.

From rugged rustic - to beach house chic

This 3 storey home - owned and built by Jamie Kyrwood from Oceanwest projects - is breathtakingly beautiful. Spread over 3 levels - overlooking Cottesloe beach - this is a home with WOW factor.

Almost every room in this house has a view.

And while you might need one Powerball for this property, there's nothing stopping you from stealing ideas to create your very own stylish abode.

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