Google Glass

It's the device that's programmed like a personal trainer, "so we are looking at bringing some innovation to HBF fitness to summer."

A bit like Big Brother behind glasses - this is the future of fitness, "the instructor always going to know what you are, what your attendance record is, whether you're frequent or infrequent."

HBF's David Gollan is trialling the new technology. Like an extra pair of eyes, the Google Glass stores all your information at a glance. "When you go up you have your member card and you hold it in front of the glass so you get registered once and it's quite accurate."

This is the first time in the country the glass is being used in fitness classes. It works like this - your personal information is scanned in via your mobile phone before class, your details are now digital at your trainers' fingertips.

Trainer, Max Tamatoa says it makes his job a lot easier and more personal. And he knows a lot more than you think-your name, fitness background, even your attendance record.

The days forecast is at the corner of Max's eye, the glass is complete with a stop watch and every section of the hour workout mapped out.

If your using the wrong technique the glass has a record and play back function, so you can see exactly where you went wrong.

Max says "it allows me to give direct feedback to a member so I can see if they may benefit from a bit of visual help to get a better understanding how they are executing something."

In a group setting not everyone likes admit they have an injury, but with the Google Glass your medical history and information are at your trainers' finger tips, so they can adjust the program to suit your needs and always keep an eye on you."

And everyone loves a progress picture, showing just how far you've come.

For trainers, it's a safer way of keeping a close eye on people in class, and so far the results speak for themselves.

HBF's free fitness classes run all through summer for members