Goat Milk

This is a dairy farm, but there's not a cow in sight. Usually farmed for their meat and cheese, these goats are being raised for their nourishing milk.

Perth Goat Farmer John Martin says it's the cleanest, healthiest milk you can drink. "We simply take it from the goat, filter it, chill it, and bottle it. That's it, we don't pasteurise it, we don't homogenise it, and we don't do anything to it."

John started milking goats because he and his family were allergic to cow's milk. And very soon word got out about John's new milk alternative.

"Goats milk is less allergenic than cows' milk and it's because of the protein composition in goats' milk it's very much like human breast milk." Curtin University Nutritionist Sebely Pal says goats milk contains the A2 protein, unlike the A2 found in regular cow's milk which recent trials indicate could trigger health complications. Sebely says goat milk has thirteen per cent more calcium than cow's milk. It also contains three hundred and fifty per cent more niacin, forty seven per cent more vitamin A and more essential fatty acids.

The search for alternative sources of dairy led to one Perth farmer producing camel milk, Chris O'Hora camel farm in Kalamunda is the only one of its kind in the country.

Chris's regular customers include Richard Price and his four year old son Oscar who suffers from severe asthma. For most families cow's milk will always be the most popular source of dairy - but for those searching for an alternative - camels and goats could be a good option.

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